Saturday, March 18, 2017

Gatsby Chapter 3

Does Gatsby always give out invitations? Or just to Nick? Why does nobody know anything about Gatsby? Did Gatsby actually kill someone or is that just a rumor? I feel like with how mysterious he is that could have actually happened. How did Gatsby get all of his money? Did he get it legally or illegally? That's cool that the both of them were in the army. I'm surprised that Gatsby even remembered him. Why would Nick want to see Jordan even if he know she is a lair?

Gatsby Chapter 2

I wonder why Fitzgerald didn't name the chapters. Does he name chapters in his other books? Why does he make these fictional places rather than actual places? He most likely does this so he can make his own town rather working around real places. Where is Tom taking Nick? Why does Tom have a mistress? Does he not actually love Daisy? Why didn't Nick leave anyway? Why did Nick go from being very sophisticated to not caring?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gatsby Cover Analysis

The face in the middle of the cover seems to be a women's face. There is also a light blueish line under her eye. That's might be a tear. The bottom of the cover looks like a city with all the lights. Above the city there some strange markings. I wonder why there is a small city and a large face. Usually its the other way around. Why "The Great Gatsby" as the title? There are so many different adjectives and names that sound more interesting than this.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Color of Water Chapters 12-14

Why is chapter 12 called "Daddy"? It sucks that his biological father died. Its good that he has a step-father to fill that role. It must have sucked that Hunter died right after he had the meaningful talk with James. Why is chapter 13 called "New York"? Are they moving to New York? Since its a mom chapter is she the only one leaving to New York? Is she going to leave her family behind? Why did her mother send her to her aunts? Why don't they treat her with any respect? It's kind of messed up that she is treated like crap even though they are all family. Why is chapter 14 called "Chicken Man"? Is there a guy that sell chickens? Or is it a guy in a chicken costume maybe? Why did James start doing bad thing to deal with his step-dads death? I'm glad the chicken man kind of put James on the right path again. It's sucks that the chicken man died after giving James that advice.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Color of Water Chapters 15-17

Why is chapter 15 called "Graduation"? Does someone graduate from High School? Why did Peter say that he still loved her even though he loved someone else? I would rather want the truth than for someone to lie to me. Why did she just leave and go to New York? Why not just go somewhere else but not a whole different state? Why is chapter 16 called "Driving"? Does someone get there license? Do do they go on a trip of some sort? Why did James's mom not want to drive after that? She just needed to learn in a parking lot or somewhere not crowded. Why did James look to god for answers and guidance? He has never really been overly religious in the book until now. Why is chapter 17 called "Lost in Harlem"? Does James's mom get lost in Harlem once she gets to New York? If her grandmother lived there the whole time why didn't she leave sooner? Why does her aunt treat her so poorly even though are family? Are they just not close enough family to treat each other like family? It sucks that Rocky turned out to be a bad guy. It seemed like he was genuinely helping her out at first.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cole and Ethan's Renaissance Little Project

What is this video?
This video notions the ideal of history moving throughout the Harlem Renaissance and into the modern era.
What do you want people to know before they watch it?
The poem is our original piece in the video.

The Color of Water Chapters 9-11

Why is chapter 9 called "Shul"? Will this be as religious as chapters 5 and 6? In the first sentence race is already brought up. The beginning of this chapter is kind of violent. What is a gentile? I just looked it up, the word sounds worse that it actually is. The chapter ends in a very different way than it started. Why is chapter 10 called "school"? Will something happen to James at school? Will race be brought up in the chapter? Why does James's mom get so angry at him for just asking a question? I'm still wondering why she is so against mentioning race to her kids. Is Jewishness even a word? What is a "tragic mulatto"? Does page 99 relate to the first chapter? Why is chapter 11 called "Boys"? Will it talk about James and his brothers or boys in general? I feel like the KKK is mentioned in mainly the Mom's chapters.